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While the industry is seeing a notable shift in pushing new meetings to 2021 and later, a Northstar Meetings Group survey showed that event planners are seeing increasing demand for all things virtual for the next coming year.

Even after live events and conferences make their way back into marketing strategies and budgets, virtual events will continue to be a part of the event industry.

The event industry has included virtual events for the better part of the past decade. But, the rise of holographics, virtual reality, social media live streaming and simulated conference applications have already been transforming the event industry outside of the convention center

Keeping pace with the trends with our Customized Virtual Event Solutions

Digital Jalebi was founded in 2012, with a goal to design engaging & interactive communication solutions for our clients. With the fusion of design and technology we are constantly innovating from Web Experiences to Interactive Content to AR/VR applications. We have successfully executed 150+ virtual events under the banner of our “DJ Virtual Events” platform that span from slick 2D user interfaces to 3D environments to 360° based solutions.

With both users & clients maturing in the virtual realm, we are firmly moving from mere virtual events to creating virtual experiences in curated virtual spaces. That’s where our class leading “DJ Virtual Spaces” platform is creating new opportunities while delivering better ROI and far more immersive experiences for our clients. With the usage of Real-Time 3D along with a plethora of customization options available we are among the handful of studios worldwide who are able to offer such a differentiated and market leading offering.

Our Hallmark

  • Flexibility and Customization are the two prime components we keep in mind while developing any of our solutions. As a result the whole layout of the space, avatars, and interactiveness of the platform can be customized to best fit the requirements.
  • The ability to network with industry professionals is a fundamental part of any event, and we offer one-on-one talks to achieve this in the virtual realm.We ensure that dialogue feels significantly more real and natural with the use of Hyper-Realistic animated Avatars, which helps attendees connect better, just like at a physical event.
  • When it comes to engaging attendees, this virtual space can be strategically filled with multiple, plug & play interactive activities which can be learning tools, demos, interactive videos, photo booths etc.
  • A unique feature of our platform is easy integration with WebAR which allows attendees to not only learn about new products but also get a hands-on product experience at home.
  • Each event instance is thoroughly load tested, security audited and extensively user tested to ensure a glitch-free and delightful user experience. We also test and make sure the web page or app is accessible on all the devices, across regions.

Future Developments with our constantly evolving solutions

Future holds multiple surprises for everyone, that said, we believe hybrid events — a combination of Virtual and Physical events, are gonna lead the way. Along with other traditional event activities, digital is here to stay, as it helps to remove geographical barriers of physical events. Human touch along with digitization is the future, this will not only help us bring more people together, but will also help to create far more engaging events. With many corporates planning for increased WFH and flexible working patterns, hybrid events will also become the key to connect all those remote employees together.


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