Digital Transformation In Healthcare – A Necessity Rather Than An Option

The future of healthcare depends on digital transformation.

Dr David Blumenthal, President, The Commonwealth Fund, quotes on its necessity,

 “If there is one area in health care where [the] future cannot wait, it’s innovation.”

Digital transformation is about modernizing healthcare organizations through the intersection between technology and healthcare for better quality and affordability.

It enables a healthcare enterprise to deliver services more efficiently by redesigning processes and institutional models.

Ultimately, digitally transforming healthcare means rethinking how care and services are delivered.

The healthcare industry is actively developing digital tools to support physicians, caregivers, patients, providers and advance the practice of evidence-based medicine.

Impact of latest digital trends in healthcare-

  •  Mobile Healthcare– It has revolutionized right from how we find a doctor, book appointments, access our health records, and get our medicines. 
  • Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) – IoT is gaining popularity as it promises solutions for many problems in healthcare, such as smart infusion pumps to help with drug delivery and monitoring patients’ vital signs. Wearable devices have completely changed how we monitor our health. 
  • AR and VR in healthcare- Virtual reality and augmented reality are changing the dynamics of telehealth, medical training, and diagnostics. It has overcome the need of in-person interaction for impactful engagement.  
  • Robotics and healthcare- Innovative robotic devices are filling various roles across the healthcare spectrum, supporting patients and clinicians, improving hospital efficiency, and enhancing elderly care.

These technologies bring about a high level of automation in healthcare organizations, reducing expenditure on repetitive data collection, data entry, and analytics.

As per the Accenture Digital Health Technology Vision 2021 report, 81% of healthcare executives agree that the digital transformation’s pace for their organization is increasing, and 93% say that they are choosing innovation with a sense of urgency and call to action this year.

Digital transformation in healthcare will improve the quality, lower costs and allow for better outcomes. 

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