Unleashing Imaginative Skills through Virtual Learning

While the pandemic had halted the usual way we used to run businesses and organizations and challenged the way we view and adopt learning, the opportunity in that challenge can’t be denied – to redefine how the students worldwide learn. As long as we are open to evolve through the changing times, though out of compulsion, one can see the endless possibilities in digital medium, one such case is interactive installations in public and virtual spaces.

Out of all mediums – audio written, visual, visual can be considered as one with maximum recall value. Backed by richness of multi-modal mediums, novel ways of interaction and the diverse creative it has to offer, its not a surprise that it can be leveraged in varied ways not only by schools but the learning community by large.

As we grow, we realize that rote learning is of less value, rather its important to understand the concepts and practical application of the same.
With the advent of virtual experience enabling technologies and the adaptation of the same by almost all organizations and individuals alike, digital exhibits is being looked by educators to enhance the learning experience as a means to improve footfall post covid.

In the comforts of their choice premises and not forgoing the safety protocol, the virtual journey improves the interest and the love for concepts. The flexibility of anytime access and multiple viewing is an added advantage.

By harnessing the story telling techniques in an effective manner, the complex and oftentimes dull-to-ears topics can be made simple and interesting and make the learners get involved by engaging them to be a part of the narrative and first-hand witnesses.

The concepts, which may be tedious and time consuming for the learners to go through and assimilate, is presented in a easier to understand manner through visualization and showcasing the nuances powered by research, provides an in-depth insights which is unparalleled.
The new media design firms in an attempt to provide the end users with unequalled experience and to unfurl the creative representation takes care of the same, leaving the users an opportunity to pick the best suited and apt choice for them.

While for those who miss the physical rendezvous, undoubtedly there are merits to the in person visit, which provides a more authentic and connected experience, the digital platform can continue to serve as a prelude and a perfect aide to schools, home schooling and other educators in achieving the long lasting effective learning and an excellent means to imprint the story behind the texts.

About The Author :
Jaisy Daniel works at a multinational organization since 2006. A process excellence and privacy facilitator as a profession, a creative writer in person. Jaisy is a wife to a amazing husband and a mother of a fun loving girl, struck by the necessity of virtual learning, trying ways to nurture the young mind.